Philosophy in Lit.-Mar.27. "Blindness - Outside"

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30 Mar 2012

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March 27
Blindness Outside
- Where are they now?
o Out of the mental hospital, wandering in the city
o Still without food,
o Still without sanitation or running water.
o Hunting and gathering the doctor’s wife assumes a hunter/gatherer type of
provider position
- Who are they?
o Human beings, but..
They are not identified in terms of their ability to think, but are
instead identified by their animal nature the needs of their bodies,
not the needs of their minds.
Search for shelter.
Search for food.
Search for their homes, where they used to live.
Search for family.
- Homes their desire to go find their homes, what their condition is, if they are
o 243: Home of the girl with the dark glasses.
o 269: The home of the doctor and his wife.
o 289: home of the first blind man and his wife:
Writer living in their home, waiting for his wife and daughters’ return.
o 295: The doctor’s office
Professional life home is the private life.
o Significance of a home:
In the city, people have lost their homes, unable to find them, maybe
also their families.
Other losses, but perhaps these are not as important
Homes signify safety and security, possession, privacy, a self each
individual’s home is a reflection of their selves – place for
rejuvenation, rest, purification.
- Society/government
o There exists familiar social arrangements, leftover from prior to the epidemic
o In quarantine and prior to the arrival of the hoodlums, the government
exercises a limited version of ordinary control.
Limited charge of food, control through the conditions of living in the
mental hospital,
Army as a vessel of government control
o During the hoodlum rule, the government is absent.
o With the return to the city, there is no evidence of government; people are
left to their own devices.
Arrange themselves in groups
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