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Reza Nejat

Review Set 1 Phys 1L03 Questions for REVIEW 1. How many significant figures should be written in the sum of 7.56 mm + 549.165 mm + 20.048 mm + 9702.0098 mm Ans: 10278.78 (7 sig.figs.) 2. A thunderstorm drops 7.0 cm of rain on city that covers an area of 32 km by 45 km. Estimate the number of raindrops that fell during the storm. You may assume the diameter of a raindrop to be 2 mm. 16 Ans: 10 3. An object is thrown vertically upward. Which of the following statements is true? a. Its velocity changes non uniformly b. Its max height is independent of the initial velocity. c. Its velocity changes with constant rate. d. Its travel time upward is slightly greater than its travel time downwards e. The velocity on returning to its starting point is the same as its initial velocity. ▯ Ans: ‘c’ x t 4. A graph of versus (position vs. time) for a particle in straight-line motion is shown below. The average acceleration of the particle between t = 1.5 s and t = 6.5 s is: ▯ aaveg= [(v2-v1)/(2 –1 )] v 1s the slop of first line between t = 0 to t = 2s, and v2is the slop of line between t = 6s to t = 8 s. Ans: + 0.40 ½ 5. An equation v = (F/c) indicates relation between a resistance force and velocity. F has dimension ML/T 2, and v has a dimension L/T. The dimension of c is: Ans: M/L 6. Which of the following objects is DEFINITELY NOT in mechanical equilibrium? a. A car being towed up a hill at a constant rate. b. A heavy rock thrown out a second-storey window. c. A painting hung on a wall. d. A truck skidding along an icy road. Ans: b 7. An automobile that is towing a trailer is accelerating on a level road. The force that the automobile exerts on the trailer is: a. equal to the force the trailer exerts on the automobile. b. greater than the force the trailer exerts on the automobile. c. equal to force the trailer exerts on the road. d. equal to force the road exerts on the trailer. Ans: a 8. When a horse pulls a wagon, t
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