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Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 Physics of Living Systems Welcome to Day one Fall 2013 Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 • Who are you? Who am I? •“ Need” a physics course •D.eaNajt –one without a lab will satisfy your needs • Lack requirements for Physics 1B03! –Room: ABB 235 • Have “Basic” Knowledge of Math; should be –Ex: 23632 able to answer: »What is the slope of a line? –Email: [email protected] »What is 2/3 in decimal form? • Office hours: Mo,We:14:30-15:30 »What is the area of a triangle? »What is the area of a circle? Tu,Th: 13:30-14:20 Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 • The course text book: • What you need (ASAP): –The textbook PHYSICS for the Life Sciences –The i-clicker –Your McMaster avenue account –Available in the •McId bookstore. •Password Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 • iclicker: • iclicker,OTICE: –Available in the bookstore. –Don’t lose your i-clicker ID –You should have it with you at every class, or you will lose marks. –Don’t forget to bring it to the next class or you may lose marks. Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 Clicker Rules: Clicker Registration: • You can use one you’ve used in another course, but re-register it online this term • Go to: • Enter your first and last name • You cannot share one with a friend • You can use it in more than one course in the • Enter yourMAC ID in the “Student ID” field same term • DO NOT enter your student number in the • You can buy it used and re-register it “Student ID” field, or you will forfeit all clicker marks for the term • You may NEVER enter an answer on someone else’s clicker • [email protected] • If you forget your clicker, you lose the marks Mac ID Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 Clicker Quizzes: • To help you assess your own understanding of the material, we will have frequent clicker Samantha Vanderkooy quizzes in lecture class vanderks • These are worth a total of 5% of your mark, so no one quiz is worth too much • Clicker quizzes will start counting for marks next class! • Bring your clicker! Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 AVENUE: AVENUE: • AVENUE interface to this course: • You will find: –Course outline –Lecture Notes •Got to get avenue username and password! –Tutorial Problem sets –Discussion forum • Physics 1L03 will be in your avenue list –Much More of courses • You should check the announcements –If not, email me! regularly, or you may miss important announcement. Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 The LONCAPA System: Course requirements: • Problems sets accessed via • Lectures (C01, C02): • Login: username: mapassword: student number – Mondays & Wednesdays • Change password: Main Mepreferencespassword – Reading and/or clicker qui(using iclicker) • A new problem set almost each week. • Tutorials (two-hour sessions) • material we are studying that week.roblems relevant to the –Discuss questions in your tutorial session. • The LONCAPA system lets you try several times on each –Quiz question, and will tell you immediately whether your answer is correct. • LONCAPA • Each assignment is personalized: the given numbers in your • Midterm Test assignment are different from everyone else. • Final Exam • The LONCAPA questions prepare you for the test and exam. – worth 8% of your total mark Physics 1L03 Physics 1L03 • TUTORIAL SECTIONS: Tutorials: • Extremely Important! • Two-hour sessions Tut Day Time Place Tu t Day Time Place T 01Thursday 14:30-16:2BSB/104 T 08 Thursday 14:30-16:2BSB/105 • Discuss on assigned questions. present T 02Tuesday 08:30-10:2BSB/104 T 09 Tuesday 08:30-10:2BSB/105 T 03Tuesday 11:30-13:2B
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