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Political Science 1G06 2013 II Lecture 10a International Organizations International Criminal Court If you’re part of the losing side, you’re bought before a tribunal. The winning side usually never gets held accountable for any war crimes etc. It is not JUSTICE. We need a tribunal that applies to winners and losers. This is where the ICC comes in. It more neutrally sets out justice. The ICC, doesn’t apply to George Bush etc. They are not member states and they are too powerful to be touched. The Unites States never ratified it, so it doesn’t apply to them. The ICC can launch investigations on their own. The United States can launch military actions against the ICC if they are holding US citizens active, regardless of their crime. - The International Criminal Court has a mandate of trying and if necessary convicting individuals who are responsible for committing genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. The United States objects to the ICC. The ICC cannot arrest people. It is not a police force. In the 11 years that the ICC has been around, they have held ONE person accountable. The ICC only does stuff in Africa (colonial type of justice). The weaker states have anything to fear from the ICC. The African states have requested for the ICC to take place. The UN can interfere in ICC deliberations in two ways. They can ask the ICC to start a process in investigation, OR they can delay the process of investigation (12 months). They can tell the ICC to act or delay. What they cannot do, is permanently delay their action. All VITO players and 4 other states can vote against the ICC and their actions.
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