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Lecture 1

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 1: L1-Foundations of the Criminal Justice System

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Greg Flynn

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Lecture 1Foundations of the Criminal Justice System Introduction SUBSTANTIVE AND PROCEDURAL ASPECTS What is wrongful conduct or conduct sought to be controlled? What should or should not be allowed How does the state achieve control? Not in a neutral way THREE RELATED THEMES (Exam Question in regards to one, two or three of these themes) Privatization of Justice System Unintended Consequences of Law and Order Policy Choices Targeting of Specific Communities Foundations CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY Our head of state is the Queen, not the Prime Minister The Queen no longer asserts her sovereignty over Canada other than in a ceremonial aspect The one thing that the Monarch still plays a role in Canada, is that she through the Governor General must accept every law before it is passed (Royal Assent) Bound to sign every law Important ramifications in regard to the Criminal Justice System Your style before the courts is R.v. Jones Subject to being prosecuted by the crown Appointed, given authority by the crown THE CONSTITUTION AND THE DIVISION OF POWERS Bound by the power set out in the Constitution 1
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