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Political Science

2H03 September 17 2013 lecture 1Definition of G and debates of GContent of the lectureDefinition of globalizationDriving forcesmain causes of globalizationContenting perspectives on globalization is it a new phenomena or not What is the impact on human beingsHow to measure globalizationglobalityWhere to measure globalizationImpact of globalization on human conditionWhat is globalizationInternalizationoGrowth in international exchangeth thWhat about late 18 19 centuriesSimilar trends increasing flow of goods freer global individualsLiberalizationgenerally confused with globalizationoPredominance of liberal market economy free market economywe do not exercise this as a model for all countiresthere are countries based on Marxist or socialist think of chinastrong state control of trade and money in and out of the countryso to associate this with globalization it doesnt fitoOpenborderless world economyIs this the case The documentary highlighted aspects of G indian eco emerged in computers but also downside of this mainly in poverty and india is divided into extreme gap of wagesit is not benefiting all people of the world Universalization Living in an universal era oCultural synthesis and global humanismPeople are becoming more similar to each other and they are becoming more aware of eachotherhowever this isnt the case there are still cultural differences especially between cultures in society native Indians and CanadiansWe still have ethicclass conflicts war etc this is still problematicNothing is universalWesternizationoAmericanization McDonalds Hollywood Wall streetDriving force is vested models in economy and politics and America is the leading actor in this processother countries are following America in terms of way of life and interaction with each otherWe have increasingly similar ways of consumption and we are becoming too simiarRespationlizaton trueoTransformation of spatial organization of social relationsoSupraterritorialityHuman beings are accessing social interaction based on supra and planetary interactionGlobalizationoA process or set of processes which embodies a transformation in the spatial organization of social relations and translations which generate transcontential or interregional flows and networks of activity interaction and the exercise of power held et al
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