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Political Science

2H03 Globalization September 24 2013History and theoryContentG new or oldMainstream theories of IR in explaining globalizationAn eclectic theory of GHow to contextualize states role in globalizationG new or oldNeither a continuation of historicaly originated policies nor a completely new phenonemaoSig aspects of history but also has its own special features which makes it different A leap forward from internal and bilateral relationsoMultiscalar and multidimensionaloTransplanetary and supraterritorial natureIntensity of networksoIntensity of connections not limited with military exchanges its with identity culture activism and we are talking about MNC private firms international orgs and civil society orgs as welloCommunication use of mobile phonesthe last 10 years huge increase of using phonesin china usa india japan brazil etcSmart phones easier and cheaper to connect to networkspeople are aware about pol social and cultural eventsoMNC are more powerful than most countriesthey are in the first 40 biggest economiesthey are too powerfulWalmart ExxonMobil BP etc oIncrease financialization the intensified network of global finance isolated themselves from regulations countries cant control the financeit has negative outcomes like the collapse of the economy I 2008oIntensification at the global scale production finance movement of currency banking activiites rise of offshore accounts true free flow of capital states have diminishing authorities but private companies and MNC have higher influencer and power and controlHow can we access transformation this is the way to compare two time periodseasy to understandExtensity of global networksIntensity of global interconnectednessVelocity of global flowsImpact propensity of global interconnectedness
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