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Lecture 10

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Political Science

Week 10 Globalization and DemocracyContentWhat is democracyGlobalization and Democracy Challenges in terms of democratization 3 major challengesCitizen InvolvementInstitutional ProcessesStructural inequalitiesIs Global Democracy Possible Based on alternative notions of democracy being that of Cosmopolitan and Deliberative DemocracyWhat is DemocracyRule by the peopleCollective decision making by the publicEqual involvement of citizens in governance processesPeople enjoy full autonomy in their democratic activitiesOpen and transparent fashion of policy making and policy implementation being accountableResponsibility as well as rights mixture of both ind have freedom but limited when opposing on others freedomWhat is democracyPopular control over governmental policies and decisions and a system of fundamental rightsresponsibilities Democracy as a process of constitutional representative and inclusive decision making A form of governance of the modern stateGlobalization and democracyGlobalization and Democracy beyond TerritorialityShifts in governance with globalization Polycentric world orderMultiscalar from indsupranational refer to pictureDiffuse Governance and DemocracyGlobalization severely suffers from lack of democracyOn the contrary it makes democratic deficit more apparent But failures of democracy have resulted not from globalization but from the prevailing ways that democracy has been handled to dateCentral problem with democracy discrepancy between ideal and real democracyIf you assess D in ideal globalization is not democracy and it is difficult to democratize gloablization but in real world cases the countries we define as being democracies are difficult in institutionalizing democracyso globalization might have a democratic future but it depends on the conditionsGlobalization and democracyessential debate Smaller UnitEffective Participation vs Larger UnitLimited Participation under Diversity of Interestsparticipationdemocracy hence deficit of democracyTrade off between citizen participation and scale of governmentAbility to reconcile differences and make it possible to include marginalizeddisadvantaged groups into the decision making processesDiversity of Linguisticculturaldifferences in identity in inhabitants of the world Arguments against global democracyDemocracy is only possible in a stateCultural heterogeneity in the world challenge prospect for global democracy inequalies in eco welfare and development
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