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Political Science
Sandy Irvine

Lecture Five 061011Globalization and the StateEssay QuestionsRefer to the course outline Answer the questions and back up your thesis with themes of the course Handout next week Use an identifiable citation MLA67 academic sourcesSocietal Sovereignty Sovereignty is defined by society and not territory Christopher Rudolph pays a lot of attention to this definition Sovereignty has largely been defined by territory protection by the state in a globalized world we need to pay more attention to the independence of society Nations states and citizenship Nationalism CitizenshipFormal rules for the most part Rules of membership within a state who belongsResponsibility privileges obligations to others Privilegesprotection Responsibility to vote and pay taxes Formal relationship between the state and citizens within it Immigration raises questions Immigration is the decision of the state to allow people into the state to gain citizenship Process of integrationyou want to be able to integrate immigrants in such a way that they dont challenge the makeup and values of society NationWhat is an nation Not the same as a state GeographySome nations do not have ties to a specific geography HistoryPast suffering common victories fear Nations are built around a narrative of past histories LanguageBi0lingual Canadian People who speak French are still a part of the nature Not always a defining factor Culture Music arts
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