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Lecture Thirteen 011211 GlobalizationThe StateWeek 12 Solutions to Underdevelopmenty Resist Liberalization o AutarkyRealist perspective on economic affairs at the international level where you have a political economy at the national level on your own You are doing it yourself and sealing yourself off from international activities Way of extreme resistance by doing your own thingo Import Substitution StrategiesMore moderate form of protectionism You will attempt to manufacture the goods that you can within reason without importing them Doing so can build up your national economies to a limited effecty Reform global structureso Reform the structures that seem to be the sources of inequalityo For example create fair trade or reduce agricultural subsidies of northern stateso As Glen talks about fair representation of the Global south he points to a number of reforms and problems that are found in these institutionsunderrepresentationthey cant sufficiently represent themselves because they dont have the resources to do so The global north should fund structures that might further represent the global south kind of like a legal aidy Fair tradeo Agricultural subsidiesy Fair representation of the Global South in Global Economic Institutions Fair and Free Trade y What is fair trade o Variety of interpretationso It can simply be fair trade certified products like coffee where a greater proportion of the profit generated it given to those who grow and produce the goodso It can also mean fair labor standards that have been included in the process of producing and trading a particular goodo Fair market accesssubsidies o Lots of people have an interest in purchasing fair trade products y Does it help developmentForeign Aidy Global states should provide assistanceofficial development assistance is aid that comes from major states in the global north there has been a general decline in this over the last few yearsy Bilateral versus multilateral aid
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