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2I03 Introduction to Global PoliticsCritical ConceptsHistorical ConceptsLecture 1 Sep 10 13 sDriving QuestionsWhat are the organizing concepts that help us understand global politicsDoes history matterTopicsTheoryLevels of AnalysisWWIThe State and SovereigntyNations and NationalismHistory What are the organizing concepts that help us understand global politicsTheorya kind of simplifying device that allows you to decide which facts matter and which do not p3 o To parse away those significant details that do not define the outcome of politics o Looking at the patterns and relationships of world politics and decide that a lot of them are actually important in world politics Normative theory what we think OUGHT to do when given a situationNormative vs ProblemSolving realisticrealismConstitutive Theorywhat something meanso The idea that we can not just explain the way to states to interact with one another based on their interest and what they want to get out of their interaction o IE wink as oppose to a blink Both are similar activities closing of an eyelid however a wink has much more meaning when given to individuals compare to a blinkConstitutive Descriptive Lady curtsying in front of the Queen to remind her of her power Critical Theory Makes the argument that theory is not value neutral Your decision of what you focus on in politics is often driven by power and choices Building Blocks of Theory and World Politics Nye 200711Actors States IOs NGOs MNCs o NGOOrganizations that work around who are non governmental and non organizational Goals Military Security Security Wealth Justice o States are driven for the need for military security protecting state borders and being able to go to war with those states that are a threat to your border Instruments Military Force NaturalEconomic resources Knowledge What Makes good theoryParsimonious Occams razor tho Occam was a 14 century philosopher who stated good observation shaved away negative thoughtsthe ability to explain a lot with a little Nye 200033Rather than having a bunch of details you could say that in a realist theory that it is how much power a state has that explains in relationships to others states whether or not it will go to war Internal Logic o Makes sense in terms of the argument it is making o Explains important thingsExplains Important things o explains all the important stuff neededPredictiveProscriptiveo so policy makes can respond to it and choose policy that makes senseo critical people suggest to not trust proscriptive detailLevels of AnalysisKenneth Waltz Man the State and War1959 o Explain war by either individual decisions whats going on in the states or international systemLevel of Analysis o IndividualLeaderstheir effectiveness whether they make good decisions whether there is pressure on themPoint to their ability Human Nature thinking about what is that drives humans in terms of their human natureAre we inherently greedy And therefore our actions are greedy Are we insecure and fearful of what will happen to us and therefore we seek for more power to secure usTo look at why war happens or why conflicts occur o StatePolitical system Society domestic politics economyInstitutionsie Authoritarian vs democraticChoose conflicts to boost the economy Or does it boost popularityo InternationalBalance of powerThe most powerful states in the world balance one another and when that goes in whack states might fall into conflict to rise those powero GlobalAnarchy Rise of Nationalism Technology Change Nuclear WeaponsAnarchy where there is a system of states and have no higher authority over themthere is no chaos but just the states are on their own and have to surviveRise of nationalism drive states to an idea of being the motivation for shift of nation or states
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