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McMaster University
Political Science
John W Seaman

Political Scithce 2O06 Lecture #1 September 6 , 2013  Intro to Political Theory  Should political societies be devoted to those groups which give societies what they desire and need?  Should material affluence be strictly restricted? (Dangerous, moral reasons etc.)  Should politics seek justice (social, political) (Machiavelli) about power and for the preservation of the state.  Common assumption of society “Everyone is equally and should be treated as equal” “Everyone should be free to do as they want as long as no harm is done to others” - very common to our society, they hold true and cannot change - We all see the image of the world through filters - We see our own political, morals, other people through filters - Block our recognition of what it actually is in reality  You must learn of the fact the we use filters to see the world politics, moral values, ethical issues  Recognize the possibility that seeing things without filters may not be fully possible , becomes an ongoing mystery that we have to challenge and work through  Intro to The Republic (Plato)  Book about the meaning of just
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