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Political Science 3N06 2013 Lecture 7: Research Ethics  You cannot conduct original social scientific research without an appreciation of the ethical dilemmas that are inherent to any study of human society Points to consider:  1. Our discipline is governed by a set of general ethical principles that should guide your research o the things you need to think about when making a research proposal o there isn’t debate on what those principles are  2. What these principles actually mean in specific situations is not always clear cut  3. There are occasions when our ethical obligations and the law might conflict o have been cases in the past where the social scientist who has been supinated  4. There is an institutional framework that is tasked with clearing the ethics of our research on a case by case basis o any research is governed by a TPCS  What bases are they making those conditions  This raises questions about who is making these decisions and on what basis Archetypal cases of ethically suspect research  Tuskegee syphilis study o medical research o had some o sort of over sight o bioethical framework o 1932; us public health service; document the long term affects of syphilis o told those in the research they had bad blood o African American o 1947; doctors have discovered this cure ; penicillin was the cure o they did not treat their subjects till 1972; when a employee leaked this information
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