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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

January 18 2013this semester is much more driven by caselawpridgen v the university of calgarygood decision on this type of thing the issue of whether it is a statutory delegation of authority is perhaps not correct but they are governmental in natureIssueDoes the Charter apply LawSection 321applies to government parliament and legislatures and the bodies to which they delegate their authority Section 321Dolphin DeliveryLegislature1 All of the legislature NBBC vs NS2 Delegated Authority Ramsden vs Peter Black vs LSA Slaight v DavidsonGovernment3 By nature GUTA v SFS Godbout v Loungueille4 Control McKinney Stoffman and Douglas5 Governmental in nature Eldridge1Is the library part of the legislature No 2Is the library an exercise of statutory delegated power No There is nothing that prevents the provinces from scrapping the municipal act Law societies are examples of delegated power but their running of charity events conferences for lawyers etc are not part of the government It is debatable whether the charter applies to those actions It is a statutory delegation of authority not
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