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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Section 6Mobility rightsGives Canadian citizens the right to leave the country and come back with a passport Two main elementsThe right to move about Canada and the right to work in any province This is the fundamental right of citizenship since its a national idea it has to work in all provinces The mobility rights allow a free flow of labour in Canada The right of every citizen to enter and leave the country at will Why are they importantBecause it allows people to move about and find employment in their field of expertise Canadians often take these rights for granted without thinking of our freedom to do so In other countries people in order to leave their home or enter in another place of the country face penalties or in some cases cannot leave at all Why its important 1Mobility enhances economic efficiencyshortage of workers in one province can be filled with workers from another province 2Mobility is linked to privacy and personal right so that way it is related to human rights3Mobility is granted due to citizenship Mobility rights in the charter are similar to the UN Human rights charter etc which illustrates that mobility rights are human rights too Historical context Citizens were free to move around the boarder and live anywhere they wanted to but only when the federal government decided so The section described goods to move around provinces but did not specify people Thus now we have section 6 that allows us this National unity making it easier for Canadians to move province to province The section 6 was an attempt to open way for people to move about and find employment In addition to making Canada a bilingual nation these mobility rights granted Quebecois the right to move about the province and not be restricted in their province
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