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Intersectionalities- Gender, Race, Class

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Political Science
Karen Bird

Week 12 Intersectionalities Gender Race Class slide 9Analytical QuestionsWhat is intersectionality What can an intersectional perspective add to a gendered analysis of politicsWhat is postcolonial feminism Pratical examples intersectionality and postcolonial feminism at workWhat are some current tensions and issues around gender equality and cultural equalityoIs multiculturalism bad for women Should gender equality trump cultural equalityLecture overviewFilm clarence Thomas and anita hill public hearing private painDifference v diversity feminismIntersectionalityPostcolonial feminismTensions between gender and culture is multiculturalism bad for womenCurrent issues and problemsDefinitions of feminismDifference feminismoConcerned with revaluing the feminineDiversity feminismintersectionality similaroQuestions primacy of gender looks to other forms of identityoWays of thinking of diversity feminismDeconstructivisist feminismoDismantles preconceived categories ender as performativeDiversity feminismGender is an important factor for understanding issues of inequality and political agency but there is a problem in generalizing about the impact of gender structuresoConceptual problems how can we talk about gender when women do not share interests of identities This problem is especially complex for comparative political research Weldon 2006 237 THIS ARTICLE IS MISSING IN COURSE PACK USE PROQUESTWe need to explore diversity in structures of genderoHow do gender norms and practices vary across groups of women and men as well as across nations regions generations cultural groupsoComparative and ethnographic research that pays attention to the detail of womens and mens lives and the social construction of gender norms and practices across different groupsoGender as useful category of analysis but aware that structures and meaning varies across cultures
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