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McMaster University
Political Science
Nibaldo Galleguillos

Lecture at: 01/10/2014 C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLITICAL S CIENCE 3Y03 McMaster University, Fall 2013 F RIDAY , ANUARY 10, Y What is happening in the fields of human rights / democratization? Lessons to be learned from the two September 11 in regards to Human rights and Democracy September 11, 2001 - The impact in terms of human rights and democracy - When it comes to human rights & democracy, we can see that there has been a regression - We are less democratic than we were before 9/11 - Widespread systemic human right abuses have become the norm - Abuse human rights under the pretense of whatever happened in 9/11 - 2001 - Developments; dramatic contradictions with the development of the FIRST 9/11 - 1973 September 11, 1973 - Have a similar negative impact - Unlike the 2001, this one also brought about POSITIVE development, in terms of human right and the processes of ‘democratization’ - Chile, SouthAmerica - Remarkable not only due to the brutality that threw the military coup, but also because of what this government represented. - Chile was the first country in the world to legally elect a Marxist politician as a President. - Marxist power came through elections o Salvador Allende o Social government in 1970s sought to bring democratization and human rights o Came to an end through a brutal military coup - Eerie resemblance, as it also happened on a Tuesday - International community became traumatized; massive widespread human right abuses, thousands of people killed, sent to concentration camps, people forced into exile. o Dictatorship that would last for a long time. HUMAN RIGHTSABUSES o Abandonment of the rule of law  Government suspended congress, parliament and the constitution  Began to rule by Military decree  Declaring the country in a state of war?  When there is no rule of law  Total impunity, lack of recourse to judicial support. No habeas corpus. o Summary executions  ~ 3,000 peo
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