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POLSCI 3VV3 Lecture Notes - Trireme, Direct Democracy, Hoplite

Political Science
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James Ingram

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January 10, 13
Political Theory
Pericles (495-429)
Thucydides (460-399)
C. 500 Solon
508 Cleisthenes
490 - Battle of Marathon
Event where Greece and Athens free citizens (fight their own wars) against
empires (who have employees to fight their wars)
461 - Rise of Pericles
Democratic Athens trying to expand vs. much more conservative society Sparta
431-404 Peloponnesian
430 Funeral Oration
Everyone starts with Ancient Greece
o Birth place of democracy
o This civilization descends from here
o They invented the term we use today
o There are a lot of things in this society that came from ancient Greece
Democracy is also argued to have existed in many different forms in history
o Ex. Aboriginals
Where there isn’t an outstanding army, tend to have consensual
mechanisms of government
What basically happens, Greece is organized locally into cities some larger and
smaller, before 500 BC you get more and more included in governments
o More people were franchised
o Those men (above) are regarded as great politicians in Athens
Military revolution that causes democracy
o Hoplite Phalanx
The weapon that allows Athens to become powerful
o Trireme
Boat created by Athens able to get around much faster
o It favors being able to get a bunch of people who have their own weapons
and are willing to cooperate with others on the battle field
o The little guy becomes very important in Athenian society
o Athens becoming more commercially successful
Athens made their money through Trade Commercial democracy and imperial
o Just like the recent democratic countries US and UK
Gradual expansion of citizenship
Not everyone likes this (aristocrats)
Democracy didn’t really have any philosophers
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