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POLSCI 3Y03 Lecture Notes - Feudalism, French Revolution, Protestantism

Political Science
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Nibaldo Galleguillos

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Started on: 01/31/2014
McMaster University, Fall 2013
- Human rights do not make any sense unless we invent the unit to which it applies, the
- Individual as a unique human being to whom Human Rights applies.
- Simultaneously is the emerge of the modern nation state
- Which institution began to fade away? The institution of the family, community and the
collectivity and city-state.
- From the first enlightenment and more so in the 14th and 15th century as a result of the
economic growth and economic changes. The commercialization of productions, the right of
individuals as unique persons began to emerge.
- Without capitalism we could not have many of the rights that we have today and take for
- Capitalism, human rights go hand in hand!
- There was no democracy before the emergence, expansion and consolidation of capitalism
- All of these “democratic” societies are all “capitalist”
- There is a connection and a correlation that should be discussed
- As these unique individuals began to emerge in the late phases of Feudalism they brought
with themselves some of the earlier rights that we can relate to the discussion of ‘rights’
oThe capitalist emerged with the unique commitment to change the world
o“The right to own property”
o~Previously, individuals were born within the ‘ascribed’ status
oNeeded to have these demands met in order to move to the next stage in order to
engage in economic activities!
oThe capitalist is the first person to say, “What I produce should be mine!”
oAll of the actual, concrete historical development would be supported by the writings,
John Locke.
- We cannot understand the person “capitalist” without knowing his ability to seek
accumulation for the sake of accumulation  want to have more and more!
- Freedom of movement!
- Rights do not come from God? Historical rights? But these rights were not “human” rights
because they were limited in their application! Only applied to nobility and aristocracy if
making reference to the first sample of civil rights.
- For the rights to really become universal, they need to move to the next stage for which a
large number of other rights come into the picture  Protestant reformation.
oReference to the split of the Christian church as a result of various complaints
amongst many of the Christians about its corruption.
Selling of indulgences
Could buy the salvation
oMartin Luther denounced the church in Berlin and posted a long list of grievances,
everything that was wrong with the Catholic Church. This particular instance is one of
the most important contributions of INDIVUDALISM.
oIt contributed to the development of individualism by focusing on something which is
crucial  SALVATION.
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Fall 2014
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