POL SCI 4GG3 Lecture 5: February 25 2015

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Started on: 25/02/2015 02:27:00
McMaster University, Winter 2015
People contributing to Politics
- Able to connect local and international structures
- Personal characteristics
- Dictates who will be involved in International Relations
- Does not define what a celebrity is;
- What is the difference between a state actor or a celebrity; where do you draw the line between a
political actor and a celebrity
- Influence of celebrity internationally and how it has grown through ambassador positions
Uncomfortable points
- Self interests without implications about this
- Some celebrities seem “sincere” about maintain a good public image
- What do they mean by sincere when someone is doing this altruistically; does not quantify these
Majority of celebrity activism geared towards non-controversial issues
- Do have a significant political pull
- BONO - meeting with Stephen Harper, did show that celebrities can have a disproportionate
political influence.
- Celebrities are effective in raising public interest
- Two state case studies, do not quantify this at all; Western public interest?
- What about celebrity culture? To what extent are they being effective?
- No questioning where celebrities are donating this money, donating to micro-funding
organizations that are funding individuals? How much critical thinking is going on in this
- BOB Geldof in his live 8 concert; People question whether this is something that we should be
congratulating or questioning.
- Princess Diana
- A lot of non-governmental organizations that were influencing this debate, rather than Princess
Diana who died before this went on; no way to prove that she caused.
- Genocide olympics in China
- Social activism can become a side business for celebrities; whether should this be included in
international relations or whether there is enough critical analysis of these practices;
- Are these celebrities getting paid? Travel subsidies and get expert status;
More research into Celebrity activism in the field of international relations
Disagree that we should be giving an entire framework of celebrities as a ‘category’
Angie © McMaster University
Winter 2015
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