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Psychology Research Methods 2 Module 1: Descriptive Statistics - statistics allow us to summarize, interpret, and present the data we have collected - descriptive statistics: present information about data-at-a-glance to give you an overall idea of the results of the experiment - summary statistics: mean, median and mode Using Histograms - a histogram is a type of graph used to report the number of times groups of values appear in a data set; the horizontal x-axis is divided into groups of values called bins; the vertical y-axis measures the number of times that a value in the dara set falls into a given bin, know as the frequency - use a histogram as a base to create a frequency distribution: type of graph illustrating the distribution of how frequent values appear in the data set - normal distribution: a distribution with a characteristic smooth, bell and symmetricalshaped curve around a single peak Measures of Central Tendency - the measures of central tendency tell us where a data set is centered, the most common measure is the mean (average) - mean: the average value of a data set - the mean could be influenced by outliers: extreme points distant from others in a data set - the median: the centre value in a data set when the set is arranged numerically - the mode: the value that appears most frequently in a data set Measures of Variability - measures of variability are a second group of descriptive statistics that review the spread and distribution of a data set - the most common measure of variability is standard deviation - the standard deviation: a measure of the average distance of each data point from the mean Module 2: Inferential Statistics - inferential statistics: statistics that allow us to use results from samples to make inferences about overall, underlying populations Hypothesis Testing - T-Test: a statistic
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