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Psych Lecture 8: Facial Recognition - The face on mars o WHY?  Big Events are expected to have big causal relationships  Brain assumes like objects are grouped together  Faces: a special form of pattern recognition  Special region of brain evolved to recognize patterns in faces – fusiform facial area  Is a preference for faces innate? Probably, immediately born babies prefer facial stimuli  Holy toast (holy mother of Mary on grilled cheese sold for 28000 in ebay) and pareidollia – patterns of facial recognition seen in a variety of random stimuli  Jesus Kit-kat  Mother Teresa cinnamon bun  Coding and interpreting energy from the world  Face processing and experience (even though pic of Clinton young and old, people assume young face is al gore because of previous knowledge)  Own-race effect: people able to differentiate faces from own cultures better o The value of face processing  Humans sensitive to facial hues – fertility  Judging face attractiveness – there seems to be a general consensus in attractiveness – even babies have similar consensus as adults for attractiveness of faces  What makes faces important?  Gives insight to health of individual  Faces can give insight to mental and emotional wellbeing of people  Liar or truth –teller?  Listen carefully to the story about to be told by your partner and consider whether they are a liar or truth-teller  Ekman: 90% of liars faces show fear and disgust (compared to 30% of truth tellers)  Facial cues help make us sensitive to lie detection o Holistic face processing  The hollow face illusion  Two theories for strategies for face processing  Configural – process the entire face as a whole as they are something special  Featural – looking at all features and processing
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