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PSYCH 1X03 Levels Of AnalysisIntroducing PsychologyThe brainSensation and perceptionMemoryLanguageAnimal behaviourFriendship and attractionStress and healthChild development Common Goal Understanding human thought and behaviour Psych teaches us how we think feel develop learn interact and grow Psyche soul Logos study of Psychologys Parents 1 Philosophys Influence a Descartes proposed that the mind controlled the movements of the mechanical body and the mind in turn received info about the outside world through sense organs 2 Physiologys Influence a Muller studied the messages that nerves transmit and concluded it was coded as electrical impulses that travelled along different channels b Particular parts of the body are connected to specific areas of the brain to serve different functions c Experimentally supported by Flourens who used a technique to systematically destroy different regions of an animals brain to study its function d Learned which brain regions control heart rate breathing and processing of visual and auditory reflexes e Helmholtz measured the speed of the nerve impulse and found it to be 90 feetsecond much slower than electrical current flowing along a metal conductor Psychology As An Independent Field Wilhelm Wundt1879 Opened the first lab devoted to the study of psychologyBelieved that conscious experience could be studied using the same experimental tools that chemistsphysicists use to study their research questions1881 Launched first scientific journal devoted to publishing psychological research1883 Hall student opened the first psychology lab in North America at John Hopkins University1887 Established the first psychology journal in America1892 Founded the American Psychological Associationworlds largest psychological organization with 150k membersLead to the development of other organizations such as the Association For Psychological Science Looking AheadEarly focus of psychology was on the mind with little attention paid to the brainToday we draw links between the brain and behaviourModern approach draws on expertise from fields including physical biological chemical social mathematical and computer sciences Multiple Levels Of AnalysisAll psychology can be reduced to one question What would an alien scientist observing human beings conclude about us1 Neuroscience o Reductionism All human behaviour can be reduced to the biology of the brain o Our understanding of the brain is incomplete o Radio analogy Understanding how the music comes out of a radio by taking the speaker apart and looking at the circuitsUnderstand how the speaker can generate soundWhere does the sound come from o Francis Crick studied this o Early pioneers drilled through the skull to expose the brain o Modern techniques allow us to use less evasive procedures to look at the brainXraysCT scansNeuroimaging Noninvasive method used to examine a subjects brain while the subject is fully awakeStructural neuroimaging shows the physical makeup of the brain o Ex Do men have a larger brain than women
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