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Lecture 1

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 1: 01-Development

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Joe Kim

PSYCH 1XX3: 2017.01.09 Development 1.docx Reviewed Written notes available DEVELOPMENT I MODULE Unit 1: Intro to Psych 1XX3 Multiple Levels of Analysis Psych 1XX3 focuses on the biological basis of thought and behaviour. Foundational Topics (interact with environment to shape sensory systems and behaviours for survival): 1. Development: geneenvironment interactions across an individuals lifespan 2. Evolution: geneenvironment interactions across the evolutionary history of a species 3. Neuroscience: study of NS Unit 2: Intro to Development Development Development: changes and continuities that occur wi ind btwn conception and death Psychologists are interested in how you change and how you stay the same 2 processes of developmental change 1. maturation 2. learning Maturation Maturation: biologicallytimes unfolding of changes wi ind according to genetic plan Genetic plans determine the timeline of development. Influenced by environment Learning Learning: relatively permanent changes in thoughts, behaviours, and feelings as a result of our experiences; acquisitions of neuronal representations of new info Acquire new information Guide optimal strategies for events and environmental stimuli Practice can make once controlled processes automatic. Past, automatic learning is not always optimal in diff environments Interactionist Perspective Interactionist Perspective: view that holds that maturation and learning interact during development (bi directional) Helps us understand inherited traits, prenatal development, and how NS develops across lifespan 1
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