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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Neuroscience 2

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Christopher Teeter

Connections and Disconnections… • Connections are important between different areas to perform complex behaviours • Sensations are different than perceptions – what you sense could be different than what is really going on • A running narrative in your brain (ex. movie “Stranger than Fiction”) • Information Processing and Self-deception o Study on how psychology and medicine can affect ability to be an athlete  First task hold arm (up to elbow) in a bucket of ice – usually people can do it for 30-40 sec  Type 1 heart is bad – low life expectancy – bad things  Type 2 – good – high life expectancy  Test to see what hear t you have is the cold tolerance test  Get them to run on treadmill then redo ice test  Half people are told cold tolerance should inc. and half are told it will dec. if they have a good heart  Your result depends on what you were told – you would think that everyone would get better the second time due to practice effect – people behave according to the behavioural measure they were told  29/30 people said they did it unintentionally – either lied or were unaware  9 people said they did it deliberately but they thought the experimenters changed the water temp.  60% of the people who said they didn’t do it intentionally believed they had the good heart  20% of the people who intentionally changed the amt of time their hand was in the water believed they truly had a good heart • Case studies and the connected brain: o Phineas Gage – railroad worker and had an iron bar through his head – before was a nice and outgoing person but after was a mean person o Book: the man who mistook his wife for a hat 1. Sleep Paralysis:  Pons in hindbrain – gets input from visual areas – involved in when you sleep and when you are awake  Sleeping and then wake up and can’t move/talk  When you enter REM sleep, pons shut down motor function when you sleep (REM atonia) – prevent  When you wake up, REM atonia lasts past when you wake up – signal from pons has not been stopped yet  People also experience visual images when they awake that are related to your dreams – common reported symptom is that a demon is trapping you (can be an intruder/anything from your dream 2. The case of the imposter syndrome  Someone in an accident, gets head trauma, go into a coma then wakes up and goes through therapy and everything seems to be going well  Patients see their parents (someone they know) and they accuse them as imposters – if they just hear them and not see th
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