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Lecture 9

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Joe Kim

LECTURE 9: HUNGER & CHEMICALSENSES March 18 2013 - Marshmallows and lifelong control:  High restraint subject: people that are able to hold on  Low restraint object: people who cannot handle waiting  What affects whether you’re a high restraint or low restraint subject?  People who are high restraint have led a different life – they have higher SAT scores and more efficient working memory. They are also less likely to engage in drug use, have a healthier BMI, and are less likely to get divorced - 1XX3 Biological Level ofAnalysis:  In the past, humans had to deal with a lot of famine and hunger  Significant event in human history: agriculture – humans were able to cultivate crops. This led to a steady access of calories  We are hardwired to have hunger and satiety mechanisms – we naturally tend to like things that are salty, fattening, and sweet because in our evolutionary past, access to these types of calories was rare. These are very energy-rich nutrients and so it was adaptive to want them. - Study on rats:  When rats were offered healthy food, they ate a bit of it until they were full and stopped. When offered unhealthy food that they would normally not have access to, they would not stop eating and became obese, even to the point where they would try to get it even if there were negative consequences - Engineered to be irresistible:  The flavor is very satisfying but is very short-lived - Social Influences: The Cookie Test  There is a confederate in the experiment who will sometimes eat nothing or sometimes eat one/two  The subject will mirror exactly what the confederate does  If they break a cookie in half, you eat the other half of their cookie  Social influences directly inform exactly what your behavior should be  Example of Dr. Kim being able to eat a whole burrito after just one month - TheAwful Popcorn Study:  People at a movie were offered free popcorn and drink. However, it was 5 days old and it was stale – worst popcorn in the world. Some people were given a normal size, some were
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