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McMaster University
Christopher Teeter

Form Perception Lecture Notes • Brain assumes like objects are grouped • Fusiform face area of our brain lights up when looking at something that looks like face o May be smaller response or delayed reaction • Capgras (disorder) – don’t get emotional connection when seeing a person but they recognize the face; imposter illusion • Pareidolia – extract emotions o Perception of something real w/n real stimulus • Perception affects evolution of animals from artificial selection • Big events are expected to have big causal explanations o One story told two different ways o Story when someone die – contribute to big conspiracy o Small story – contribute to an isolated incident, related to lunatic of the person • We preferentially respond to stimulus Value of Face processing • More attractive – perceived as better, smater, etc. • People rate average (combined faces of 30 most attractive people) higher than individual 30 faces o Averageness effect o Easier to look at average – morea attribution, easier to match more, ‘attractive’ • Another use of face attribution – to see what are others thinking • Lying – 90% of the time, faces will show fear and disgust o Built from micro expressions o Not only factor - • Not lying – 30% of the time, it is evident in their face Face processing • Configural – look at whole thing, take account configuration • Featural – on
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