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Lecture 3

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Jennifer Ostovich

Lecture 3 Longitudinal designs  Long study covering the same individuals over the whole time  Pros: o Tells us about development o Watching as an individual changes: better change to learn about continuity and discontinuity o Can reveal data about early life experience o Eliminates some aspects of the cohort effect because you are not comparing different groups over time but one individual  Cons: o Cohort effect is still a problem  Cross generational problems; may not be relevant o Cost, time o Practice effect: SS gets better every time o Attribution and selective attrition: mortality and subjects are dropping out for different reasons  Selective attrition: people dropping out due to the experiment Attrition VS selective attrition  How does self esteem change after high school?  Drop out rate of 50% o Along the course of the longitudinal study, self esteem went up significantly o Low self esteemed people left the study because they felt bad about themselves o False after she researched that equally esteemed people dropped out Sequential designs  Combination of longitudinal
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