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Jennifer Ostovich

Parenting Style  Temperament, attachment style, and parenting are all related o Temperament can affect likelihood of secure attachment o Parenting can affect likelihood of secure attachment o Temperament can affect parenting o Parenting can affect temperament  Will you be successful in career, relationships, friendships, etc.  What do we know about parenting? o Emotional tone of the family  Warmth vs. hostility  Parental responsiveness o Methods of control in the family  Rules  Expectations  Punishments o A 2x2 parenting style model  Combines emotional Emotional tone  Warmth o Affectionate, put child’s needs ahead of their own, enthusiastic about their child, empathic towards their child, will set limits with warmth and not hostility o Kids from warm families have better attachment, more social skill and self- sufficiency, higher in self-esteem, empathy, and altruism, higher IQs, less likely to be aggressive and a delinquent o Hostile parents do the opposite, suicidal, low IQs, delinquent, problems in later life o If one warm parent and one hostile parent, the hostile parent has more of an affect o Longitudinal evidence on maternal warmth as a protective factor (Petit et
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