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Richard B Day

November 9 , 2012 Psych 2AP3: Abnormal Psychology – Major Disorders Dissociative Disorders (3) Etiology: Trauma-Memory Debate - typically appears in life before the age of 8 but not diagnosed until 20-30s - young child deals with overwhelming emotional trauma - psychodynamic doesn’t except this view as anxiety is not blocked from consciousness - debate about whether the trauma dissociation model really works: can we find cases in which severe childhood trauma has lead to forgetting memories and hiding them in different alters - types of trauma differ:  type I: single event = no amnesia, we do not see dissociation  type II: extended events = amnesia, we do see evidence of possible dissociation - types of trauma differ:  memory enhanced for ‘terror’ trauma: not expected to lead to forgetting  memory impaired for ‘betrayal’ traumas: whether it’s a single episode or multiple it is where we observe amnesia Continuum or Taxon - continuum: from daydreaming to hypnosis, to OOB, to DID - taxon: includes, amnesia, depersonalization, DID, 3% of population in pathological taxon Therapy for DID - get in touch with all of the alters - Kluft’s treatment steps:  Share diagnosis with patients: critics believe that this is the first problem  Make contact with alters via hypnosis: therapist trying to call up alters is a very suggestive process which may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy  Alters come forward; patients remembers  Alters receive treatment for concerns: a lot of the alters have psychological problems of their own, long and expensive, good for therapists  Pa
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