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Judith Shedden

October 19 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Abraham Maslow (3) Maslow’s B-Values - what guides an individual - expanding the realization of our inner potential, become who we are intended to be - dichotomy transcendence: rising above, black & white, binary categories - aliveness: feeling fully in the moment - simplicity: few things that are really important in life - richness: seeing the full potential of every moment - effortlessness: attitude towards everything we do that makes it not like work - playfulness: seeing the joy, humour, fun in situations in life - self-sufficiency: seeking to be completely self-sufficient and not needing others to fulfill our life’s purposes - meaningfulness: have some sense of purpose or meaning - b-cognition is much more open and not focused, nothing is directly relevant to meeting our needs Maslow’s Eight-Fold Way - things we can try to do that will help make us more ready to achieve self actualization - self-awareness: knowing who you are, being fully aware of strengths, weaknesses, fears - self-development: using every skill and ability you have to try to achieve your goals, taking action, putting yourself fully into the goal of self realization - growth choices: as we go through life we come through forks in the road where we have to make a choice with clear different outcomes, enriching experiences vs. safe choice - trusting judgment: we have intuition about what is right, what is true, and how we should approach things. We must trust this intuition - peal experiences: brief but very intense period of b-cognition, experienced by people who are not in fact self
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