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Judith Shedden

September 21 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Freud and Psychoanalysis (4) The Oedipus Complex (Boys) - begins during the phallic stage of psychosexual development between the ages of 3 and 6 - ego is fairly well developed, learned to communicate with language, a powerful tool to satisfy our needs - child sexual activity has been narcissistic - begins with the first investment of libido of an object outside one’s body, becoming non narcissistic - invested in the child’s primary care taker: sexual libido cathected to mom - wants mom all to himself - boy sees Dad as rival for mom’s attention: whomever or whatever takes away from the child’s exclusive possession to mom - child wants to remove this obstacle, aggression towards that object - child’s understanding of what death involves is different - death is a what of temporarily eliminating the rival - child realizes that dad might retaliate in an unpleasant way by removing the child’s penis - castration anxiety - it was common in Freud’s time that masturbation was not acceptable - child believes that everyone should have a penis - dicathect most sexual libido from mom: child withdraws sexual libido from mom back into the ego, some is left behind  depends how pleasurable mom has been  how much of a threat dad is - some libido left cathected to dad: rivalry with their fathers  depends on how threatening dad is - identify with Dad: in order to further protect ourselves, not just imitation, but taking into ourselves and makin
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