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Judith Shedden

October 5 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Jung and Analytic Psychology (3) The Shadow - archetype: a person’s most primitive and basic instincts; our dark animal side, sexuality, aggression, deeply moving, shared with almost every other animal species, we worry about these instincts, where neurotic anxiety originates, power, energy and vitality of these instincts, because we are afraid of them we project them into stories as figures of evil, dreams are reflections of the complexes and the archetypes - complex: all aspects of personality seen as ‘other’ and rejection, not me, something I could never be or never do, when otherness breaks out: that was not me - opposite to the ego and to the persona (what we think is valuable, moral) - if we don’t integrate the shadow they are likely to erupt in bad behaviour The Self - archetype: instinct to seek unity, wholeness integration, desire, motivation, gems, halos, circle are all symbols of perfection, royalty, project our archetype onto them, special status, concept of god itself is a projection of the self archetype, that being represents and embodies the essence of unity and perfection - complex: the integration of all aspects/complexes of personality, most of us will never achieve the self complex, complexes must disappear in order to become an organized whole: the self instead of separate pieces, self- actualization is the highest human motive Individuation - two processes which happen simultaneously - bringing into consciousness the various complexes we
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