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Lecture 3

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Richard B Day

Lecture 3 Type perspective  Major view of personality  Relatively uninfluential today: don’t suggest any avenues for research or ways for therapy Trait approach  Currently dominates how we view personality in the research community today  What personality is: set of characteristic, tendencies, or trait which we also inherit which are biologically based  Says little about development  Little impact on psychotherapy and treatment  Lends itself readily to measurement and quantification: personality tests Psychodynamic approach  Stemmed from Freud  First new perspective on personality since ancient Greece  Saw personality as the outcome of internal structure or processes  Argued that personality is shaped by things we inherit and our experiences  Freud first suggested that childhood has an effect on development  Most perspectives argue that we consciously know everything that is significant about our own personalities o Freud said it’s not true: most of our personality that is us is hidden from consciousness o We don’t know who we are and why we do the things we do  Says a lot about personality development o What happens in childhood that shapes our adult personality Behaviourist approach  Philosophical perspective on psychology  Dominated all of psychology from 1960-1970 but now has faded from prominence  Says the only real information we have about anything in an individuals psyche is their behaviour  Only study behaviour  All personality is just consistent patterns of behaviour; we don’t even need the constructs of personality to understand  Behaviousists emphasize the acquired nature of behaviour patterns; emphasized experience and learning  Influenced by Watson, Skinner  Has had a big impact on therapy of mental disorders  The most popular therapy is cognitive behavioural therapy Humanist approach  Most unique and different of all perspective and difficult to define  Only one that takes an idiographic view of people o Interested individuals  See personality as a manifestation of an inner self  Stress positive m
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