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Jan 20, SocPsych Stanley Milgram’s Obedience to Authority Film - 1962 May - 40 males 20-50 years, different types of jobs and education status - Cover story is about punishment, and how people learn - Draw to see who is teacher and learner - Learner taken to a small separate room, sees shock generator, teacher came to see how learner is strapped, told to be punished with electric shock if cannot say right word paired - Learner tell prof and teacher he has heart condition, he is told it will not be dangerous by prof - Learner is confederate - Teacher is given a sample shock because it’s only fair, he guessed it was 75 v , but he actually only got 45 v - Every subject is given exact same instructions, they do not see confederate (learner) - Starts off ok, teacher just goes along fast, starts to get nervous since learner keeps complaining in pain, - Teacher is arguing with prof, but prof keeps arguing back, he is really concerned about learner, argus for a while, - Teacher offers money back to prof, - New teacher subject, he is arguing again, learning is complaining, he also offers money back and argues with prof, he went up to 150 v - Both teacher gave a nervous laugh, but cannot explain, (nervous laughing fits, laugh does not mean they enjoy it) - After told teacher learner was not actually getting shock in interview, he thought he was really hurting him (takes out cig), - Subjects reassured learner was not
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