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Gautam Ullal

November 7 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Depth Perception: Stereopsis (1) Depth versus panoramic vision - predator versus prey - organization of the eyeball - stereoscopic due to frontal eyes very good depth perception compromise panoramic view (predator) - panoramic due to lateral eyes, almost 180° can do depth perception but not as good as frontal eyes (prey) Cues for depth perception - major cues for depth perception:  oculomotor  monocular  binocular  motion-parallax Oculomotor cues - convergence: extraocular muscles - accommodation - based on sensory inputs coming from the skeletal muscles Monocular cues - especially important for distances greater than 200 meters - examples:  occlusion (superposition)  relative heights/size & linear perspectives  cast shadows  familiar size Ames Room - roof organized in such a way that you don’t realize that both people are of the same height Binocular cues and stereopsis - horopter disparity and stereopsis - inter-field disparity and stereopsis Binocular, horopter-disparity and stereopsis - both eyes are looking at a particular point, fixation point - visual axis running almost to the middle of the eyeball (fovea) Depth perception through binocular vision - visual axis: is the line running from fovea to the object in focus - fixation point: is the point where the visual axes of both eyes meet - while certain objects are on the circular plane (horopter) that runs through fixation point, others are not - physical matter is organized in planes before the eyes: basically are organized in horopters before the eyes Horopter is the plane of reference for gauging relative distances of objects - harry, freida, and susan are on the horopter - ball outside
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