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Gautam Ullal

November 16 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Face Perception (2) Collateral sulcus - IT = inferior temporal cortex - FFA = Fusiform face area - Size of response of a neuron in the monkey’s IT cortex that responds to face stimuli but not to nonface stimuli Modularity: Structures for faces, open spaces, and bodies - Evidence from humans using fMRI while viewing a movie (The Good The Bad and The Ugly)  Fusiform face area (FFA) responds best to faces  Collateral sulcus responds best to open spaces  Extrastriate body (EBA) responds vest to pictures of full bodies and body parts and not faces Colour and face together - meta-analysis of 92 human patients with achromatospia and prosopagnosia fMRI and CT data - significant overlap in lesion sites in area V4 close to fusiform face area The Greeble study - FFA is activated equally well by faces as well as complex stimuli; greebles in greeble experts - Greeble resembled faces - They were personified - Only Greeble experts showed higher response Is the FFA specialised for faces, individuation, or expert individuation - is there a face area, 3 possibilities:  face specificity  individuation to homogenous class (objects with symmetry)  expert individuation to a class of non-specific objects (cars, birds, flowers etc.)  individuation: paying attention to/assign qualities to form, shape, etc Object individuations studies - subjects: experts in cars/birds identification - observation: activation of fusiform face area - however: the response was less than half (compared to face) Strategy of the study - fMRI of fusiform face area  object: Lepidoptera (butterflies), face  passive viewing versus individuation  novice versus butterfly expert Stimulus - expert = butterfly expert - novice = not a butterfly expert - trained = exposed to the various stimuli prior to testing - untrained = no prior exposure to test stimuli - face always lights up most - it lights up best in experts - experts individuate better - training helps individuation - in experts th
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