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November 23 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Fine-tuning the Cochlear Organ Fluid compartments of the cochlea Dynamic interactions between the inner and outer hair cells - fine-tuning of IHC Positive feedback Differences between the Inner and outer hair cells - inner hair cell:  single row  stereocilia not attached to tectorial membrane  purely sensory  do not contract on electrical stimulation or vibration of basilar membrane  the primary hair cell for hearing - outer hair cell  3-5 rows  sterocilia attached to tectorial membrane  motor and sensory  contract on electrical stimulation or vibration of basilar membrane  fine-tune the inner hair cells for hearing - both the hair cells have tip links - both are sensitive to sound Effect of outer hair cell (OHC) damage on frequency tuning curve of inner hair cell Tuning curves along the basilar membrane Sharp frequency band-width: The Cochlear filters - cochlea has a bank of filters each with specific band-width owing to: - OHC that selectively enhance the activity of particular IHC while relatively suppressing their neighbouring segments - This is akin to lateral inhibition between IHC Too much of, too good increased prestin is harmful too - long-term usage of high dose of salicylates:  increased prestin expression  but severe auditory impairment Ear produces sounds Otoacoustic emission - extremely low amplitude sounds produced due to contractions of the OHC - require powerful amplifiers introduced into the external ear to record them - may be:  induced by an external click (as an echo) or,  spontaneously caused by contraction of OHC due to
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