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Paul Faure

October 30 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Tutorial 8: Central Auditory System Threshold Tuning Curves - Threshold tuning curves display the SPL sound required to cause the neuron’s firing rate to go just above the cell’s spontaneous firing rate as a function of frequency - Range of tuning reflects dynamic range of neuron (see I/O function) – how widely tuned, how much frequency information the cell passes through - Effective bandwidth (BW) of tuning curve increases with CF - Becomes wider with increased frequency - Cells tuned to higher frequencies have higher frequency curves – greater bandwidth - Low CF fibers = narrow bandwidth - High CF fibers = wider bandwidth - Bandwidth reflects how well it can encode from threshold to were it saturates (30-40dB dynamic range in amplitude) - Shape and width of neural tuning curve reflects bandpass filter properties (frequency selectivity) of mechanical tuning of basilar membrane ANF Spiking is Phase Locked to Stimulus - Spike (action potential) timing to frequencies <5kHz is non-random (period of the stimulus is too short and we have entered the refractory period of the neuron) - Spikes often occur at specific times (phases) of sinusoid stimulus. Such spikes are said to be phase locked because they follow certain phase of stimulus (following response) - ANF responds (i.e. spikes) only to positive going portion of stimulus - Phase locked discharges of ANFs may be important for encoding and distinguishing sound frequency - Phase locked spikes do not have to occur on every cycle of stimulus waveform to have phase locking - Upper frequency lim
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