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Jennifer Ostovich

Does “having sex” = “having a sex partner”? - Is someone your sex partner, if the most intimate thing you did with them is ________ - Results: Kissing and groping tits are not enough to consider one a sex partner, but genital contact (non oral vs. oral) more then 50% consider them sex partners, almost everyone considers anal and vaginal sex people to be sex partners. - Would you consider someone unfaithful, if the most intimate thing they did was _______ - Results:Anything you do with another is considered cheating. (Kissing to vaginal sex, everything is cheating) Conclusion - Terms sex/sex partners/etc. are really ambiguous. ========================================================================================== Sex Drive and Erotic Plasticity Sex Drives - Why we have sex - Drive/Hunger/Thirst drive, represents a biologically imperative to engage in sex, important to survival of genes Measuring Sex Drive - Can’t be related to their ability to have a sex partner - Simpson and Gangestad measured how many times you and current partner have sex. - Men get less sex then they want, women get less, neither is optimal. - Here sex drive is confounded with the person’s ability to get sex Kinsey’s behaviour measure - Total sexual outlet - number of orgasms you require per unit time - Men will usually have an orgasms when engaging in sexual activities, with women you are missing activity. Because they don’t necessarily have to cum. - Total sexual outlet is a good measure for men, but underestimates for women. (since women don’t require them necessarily) - If you really have a sex drive, you will find a way to have an orgasm Attitudinal measures Sexual desire inventory - Two differ
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