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Psych 3CC3- Lecture (September 24, 2013)

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McMaster University
Richard B Day

Eyewitness Testimony (Part 2) Storage and Retrieval Factors 2) Prejudices and Biases -things we expect to see shape the things we actually see -Venus- false UFO reports -Southern study with image -strong racial biases -arguing with black guy in the suit and white guy has a tool in his hand -proportion of people later recalled that black guy as shorter with painter overall with weapon in his hand -Bahrick study in mid 90s -took first year university students in USA -asked to recall as many individual course grades from high school as possible -recalled only a fraction of lower grades but remembered high grades -self serving bias- remember best things about their experience 3) Inferences -remember things based on what must have been true (did not actually happen) -interpolation from what you expected -went to an office -no books but assumed there were 4) Interpolated retelling/testing -essentially rehearsing experience when we retell it -retelling it strengthens memories of those components -less easy to recall if parts are not asked about (become less salient) -makes eyewitness testimony less accurate 5) Leading questions -already produced biased without answering the question -robust and reliable phenomena -Elizabeth Loftus -bias introduced by leading questions -Harris 1973- slight differences in questions can produce significant differences in their responses -about basketball game with only one word differences -10 inches
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