PSYCH 3CB3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Buy One, Get One Free, Attitude Change

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8 Jan 2015
Attitude has made its way in the colloquial languages
Persuasion is everywhere, advertisement
Attitudes and Persuasion
Attitudes really took off as a researched topic over the years from 1806 to Now…
Hypothetical Construct
Adaptive Functions and Purpose of Attitudes
How Attitudes are formed?
How are attitudes represented cognitively?
Strength, consistency, accessibility
Do we form them or do we store them? Proof for both…
Characteristics of the attitudes
Relation of attitudes to beliefs, behaviours, emotions
How attitudes are changed…most important thing people try to do
Mechanisms of persuasion (BOGO - Buy One Get One free)
What Will We STUDY?
Just an idea, hypothetical construct
Convictions, Desires, Beliefs, Inclinations
Attitude is a mental and neural state of readiness, organized through experience.
Exerting direct influence on everything related to the attitude
Categorization of something on an evaluating dimension
Simple Definition:
What is an Attitude?
Utilitarian Function - attitudes guide us to meet or leads toward meeting our
Social Adaptation Function - attitudes help us fit in
Economy Function - save mental energy, allow us to react quickly
Expressive Function - attitudes express our values, it makes statements about WHO we
Freudian Idea
Think how biggest homophobes are likely to get MORE aroused by homophobic
Ego-Defensive Function - attitudes protect us from our own repressed feelings
Functions of Attitudes
Attitude change and formation is going to be easy IF the method of forming or changing the
attitudes MATCHES the function and purpose the attitude is supposed to serve.
Lecture 1 - Introduction
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