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Jeremiah lecture part 2 - October 25th 2013

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Religious Studies
Eileen Schuller

Religious Studies 2EE3 October 25, 2013 Jeremiah (cont.) The call narration is authentic to him –very personal – ‘God called him and knew him from the womb’ There is a parallel between Jeremiah and Moses. Jeremiah dies in Egypt and doesn’t end up in Babylon with the exiles; Moses comes out of Egypt and dies in the wilderness and does not make it into the Promised Land. Amos and Jeremiah have visions were God asks them what they see. Jeremiah and the almond tree vision – ambiguity because don’t know if God is watching over the people for their good or for their bad. There is a progression in how these visions are developing from Amos to Daniel. The complexity increases from Amos to Daniel. Second Jeremiah vision – boiling pot coming out from the North – Babylon takes over Assyria and marches down from the North to take Judah. There are mainly oracles of judgement in Jeremiah. Imagery in Jeremiah: a) Image of the unfaithful bride (Judah and idolatry), same kind of marriage image like in Hosea. (Chapters 2-3) b) Image of cistern (chapter 2) Temple Sermon of Jeremiah (Jer 26:6-) Jeremiah says that God says Jerusalem (and the temple) will be made like Shiloh. Why is this a big deal? Shiloh was where Samuel was placed at. It was a sacred place that the Ark of the Covenant dwelled in for a while but then it was destroyed. So God is saying that he could destroy Jerusalem, the holy city, His temple and dwelling place. This is why the priests and the people said Jere
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