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March 10

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Religious Studies
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Sherry Smith

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March 10 th Grief - The emotional experience associated with a cluster of distressing symptoms that often occur in waves and that follow in the wake of a significant loss - In the field of thanatology, grief is understood as reaction to bereavement - Many variations to grief, very individual experience - Often associated with physical sensations, strong emotions, changes in thinking, behavioural reactions, altered social relations, spiritual and existential struggles Manifestations of grief Physical - Loss of energy, muscle weakness, loss of coordination, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, hollowness in the stomach, oversensitivity to noise, dry mouth Behavioural - Crying, disturbance in sleep, loss of appetite, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, avoiding reminders of the deceased, excessive returning to places of shared memories Social - Social isolation or withdrawal, irritability, difficulty performing usual social roles Emotional - Shock, sadness, anger, relief, guilt, anxiety, numbness, yearning Cognitive/thinking - Confusion, disbelief, difficulty concentrating, disorganization, preoccupation, paranormal or hallucinatory experiences of the dead “visions of the dead” Existential/spiritual - Anger toward God, need to find meaning in the experience of grief, new questioning of one’s values, views, points and priorities Variables influencing bereavement and grief - Nature of the prior attachment or the perceived value o Prior relationship not always what it seems o Multidimensional o Person is significant in so many ways, might not realize it til they are gone o Partner or spouse may be helpmate, homemaker, lover, parent of child, breadwinner, guide in difficult times, someone you turn to for comfort o Each dimension influences someones grief experience, mourn all dimensions o When relationships have been difficult, other difficulties arise - How the loss occurred and the concurrent circumstances of the bereaved o Sometimes in sudden shocking or tragic ways  Violence  Suicide  War  Terrorism  Child abductions  Natural disaster o Sometimes foreseen or predicted o Some losses are untimely, go against natural order of things o Other make more sense in the order of life- it’s natural o In general deaths that are offtime, are the more difficult to deal with o Circumstances that surround the bereaved person at the time of loss are influential o Person who is physically healthy, in good form, at ease with life, better at coping with loss o People with physical, men
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