RELIGST 2YY3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Selfishness, Retributive Justice

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Lecture #12
- Scholars believe that the narrative of Job wasn’t written completely as one,
there were 2 parts
- The rst 3 chapters were written last and were used to explain why Job was
- What are similarities we nd between the movie and the story of Job?
oBoth central protagonists lose almost everything
oBoth deal with su#ering and pain
oHow can pain be monstrous?
Is emotional pain more painful than physical pain?
Is it a necessary in*iction of monster?
- Di#erences?
oKolya goes to jail whereas Job had a return to his life
oJob was a righteous man but Kolya was not
oKolya su#ers less physical pain than Job
Beal Article
- How does society maintain order against chaos?
- When does society itself become chaos?
oWhen we break our own laws for the greater good
oSelshness etc.
oWhen countries declare states of emergencies
oGang warfar and retributive justice
oWhen certain violent moral beielf systems take control and lash out
- Hobbes: government is the theatrical unifer or organizer of cometing wills. Ppl
are inherently self-intrested. Having unifying governments bring together and
bring to submission these competing wills
- Hobbes order: a leviathan that will provide a single order against the chaos of
- Hobbes compared the creation of leviathan to gods creation of humanity
- The leviatian operates to bring brute force, delivering justice without
necessarily peace
- What happens when state becomes unlawful?
Keep in mind
- How is dominance taught? How is it learned?
- Keep a short list of things taught throughout the lm, pay attention to last 10
- Key question: what kind of society do you want to live in?
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