RELIGST 3FF3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Books Of Samuel

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Lecture 6
In the Hebrew religion a prophet is one who has been given a gift from
God not those who brought upon a religion.
Women are also recognized as practionaers of oucult arts (mediums
and socrseese) thought banned in Israel togther with their male
counterparts (I Sam. 28:7; Exod. 22:18)
Names: Tamar, Rahab, Jael, Judith, Ruth, Esther, Delilah, Jezbel. There
are some “bad women” in the Hebrew bible.
The nw testment is the central scripture for Christians and is
considerably shorter than that Hebrew bble called by chriians as the
old testemnts.
The new testment has proper place of women in society.
The new testment is made up of four gospes, the life and teachings of
Jesus, the account and acts of the apostles and letters written by early
evangalizers to the very young Chritina communities in Rome and Asia
Minor (Greece Turkey Paletsine).
How did Jesus treat women?
-In an unorthodox way
-with respect courtesy loving concern
-Freely converses which women
-Numbers them among his close followers
-assigns them leading roles in some of his parables.
Gods kingdom promised not to be rich, the established, the pious but
the poor the destitute the prostitutes (anyone with genuine faith in his
Women stood by and watches Jesus sufferig his death men did not and
they were that reported he was alive.
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