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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Dad versus Mom Style o are men capabale of raising/nurturing kids the way women do it?  armstrongx2, Judith and baso say they should be equally capable but is this reflected in our homes o they say if you really want to know if a couple is equal and both bg are nurturing  have a kid upset and see where they run to  they run to the rent closest they both are good  if one cant fix it they aren’t an adequate nurturers o things are shifiting o we idealy believe (theoretically think and Conway wants us to believe) that both bg are capable of nurturing  we want to deconstruct the mom, dad kid as victims and work together for the benfit of each other  this will only happen if we share the domestic responsibilities at home(hetero/homo both) equally and we both work dual career, fulfill in the public sector as well  private/public sector work sould be shared  we should be able to give full expression to both sectors to do well to ou kids  daddy care book  there are intrinsic values men can have as well, underlieing impt is that men have a femenin side and they can excersise it and they can teach kids imp lessons  fathers mothers today  have parenting skills that are coming closer together  not being differentiated closer than the past generations but still this gender idetiafiable style that is diff  dad is still wrestling and playing tickle  mom is still the sensitive (not biologically, but the culture lag)  when we look at fathers  they could have that nurturing aspect, they are more touchy feely today, they do that when showing the kid how to bat a ball  but the mother is still more expressive trad speaking  dual career  what is impr is the quality of life and not the quality  w/m are willing to sacrifice career advancement in exchange for greater quality of life witht ehir kids  this is a positive step as kids thrive on the joint involvement of both mom and dad  if we look at past number of decade we see that there are discoveries  we did tests to see if fathers can do the same justive to babies as moms  ex. Bottle feeding  new borns  does a dad know how to top a baby up and burp them and we found out that fathers were capable of that  if we had a restless sleepy baby, would the father we able to walk it down and relax him  all the fathers managed to do that  was the father able to sooth a cranky baby to have him happy again  yes  what we see is that this pattern persisted even when the father had lil previous experience (never raised bros /sis)  mem were very capable of doing this  men are narul caregivers they just need to care to engage  next set of research  could babies react to baby signals as sensitively as women do?  We plugged in electrodes to fathers and mothers and monitored their pulse rate as they were shown a vid o Their pulse rate quickened and breathing rate increase, overall alertness increased equally o And next happy baby vid relaxed both mom and dad o So dads can react to baby signals as sensitively as moms  Third experiments  do fathers make good caregivers  Looked at fams where father was primary care givers o Fo
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