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Geraldine Voros

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Nature versus Nurture  Things in girls that you wouldn’t find in males (asked the class and these are their answers)  emotional, men have emotions but they hide them, women are more maternal?  not until last part of the pre civilization that the fathers new they were fathers cultural lag, women social network better?, (prof says) every man who choses to get married should take good care of her cuz when the wife dies, the man dies within a year, men only reveal themselves and very close to only one person and that is their wife. That is why we usually we have widows and not many men that are widows  Is it nature or nuture that destines these differences?  Maccoby an jakclin are researcher and when they test boys and girl is that when they test f and m on general test of intellectual stuff there is no diff in the younger years,  they are equally capable of learning and speaking there is no natural difference, if we look at this in the parliament/engineer/social work then we would see this reflected as 50/50  But that’s not true there are m/f dominant profession and why is that?  Why is there no equal distribution across type of proffessions in terms of opportunities for men/women  We try to see if any differences actually exist CHARACTERISTIC SEX SHOWING HIGHER LEVELS VERBAL ABILITIES Girls learn to talk earlier than boys, but as they get older the bous like to hog the convo, they interrupt the boys and take over, they Its nuture, power relationships monopolize the convo. If women talk in a huddle we think they are differentiate between f/m. but gossiping. If men huddle and talk we think they are talking bout in reality they are equally imp/negotiating/sports. There is this sexist kinda twist on verbal capable excersxes. We stereotype thing, we as women should stay quiet as men have something important to say. MATHEMATICAL ABILITES If the rents believe that math is good their kids will learn it, if their rents thing math is difficult their kids will find it difficult. Depends on rents attitude on the difficulty of math in the long term for their kids. Kids observe what the rents think. Less the ability to do math and more if the rents think the math is diff/for their kids. We seem to stereotypical (even though they test equal on test of intelligent) that boys can do math than girls. Consistent  more male math teachers, majoring. VISUAL SPACIAL ABILITIES ability to visually manipulate, see things in ur mind, locate, see where it is im comparison to other things, make judgements about, the special relationship of items located in second or third dimension space. As kids grow old they should know how tall small something is in 3d. research shows that when it comes to this abilitiy younger kids show no diff on test  equally capable. But when they get older just prior to teen into the teens, the boys seem to advantage at it. Do girls lose their ability?  males advantage that seems to start to early continues to adulthood and they seem to get better and better at it. The dependant variable that predicted this loss on girls is that the way we gift give. The gifts we give boys speaks to their special abilities like lego, model plane encrouage them to put things together and break them apart, more physical to environment stuff. In terms of girls we begind to close their world down on a more materialist basis such as clothes shoes and nail polish and they lose their visual special ability. They don’t use lego and computer games and they are busy with their appearances. All of this distracts their vs abilities. this seemed to be the variable to dull the girls vs abiltieis. We looked at the inuit where hunting is very imp. What we noticed was that when we had young kids in accompan
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