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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of Family Modern Family till 60s Male Researchers Female Researchers Decline of the nuclear family Modern family  There is this decline according to ms  More personal take  This decle of indust nuclea fam the ms recognize the onset of the ww1/2 is a period of econ changes that begin to undermine the trad thoughts of the times and theres a rapid transition in the western society  In Canada there is the womens suffarage movement  dominated the poli in pre ww1 and women played an imp role as the men went off to work  Women took the jobs of the working class men -> non trad occupations  Played part in the war and secured their right to vote  On a casual basis, women become emancipated  No diff with ww2,  became even more note worthy women start building ships, putting together stuff, go up north and builded planes for the british for the Canadian and they are working and earning/learning and looking after fams  Most cities (industrial areas) have ‘war time housing’ areas  match box houses built to brin pple into the cities, the war effort was large, got pple there to get them to work, free daycare, free transportation/medical, everything was there, free rec centers, lots of women lived here with their kids while their men were at war  Women sometimes got payed the same as male, the men who didn’t fight at war still got payed more, but women were payed more  Emancipation  women would working in the public sector  Industrialization  women went form trad to non trad work roles  Now women did not want to go abck to the old fashion ways  The new tech that was coming out  After ww2  some of the greatest inventions  Stove, global positioning devices an such  Women had the time to know they could be organized  They were free to work and do more  The type writer altered their lives  1941 - 21% of females over the age of 15 years  1945 - 33% of females over the age of 15 years  Onset of war  12% increase largely for war effort and women are in non trad jobs, enterted war era and are doing what is required of them  1946 - 25% of females over the age of 15 years  Repatriation of troops, women were ushered back into their homes, baby bonus cheques were given, womens were so used to working they
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