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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of the Family Period of industrialization Male Researchers Female Researchers  Set in motion a lot of social, poli and econ  Refer to it as industrial revolution changes  Clearly identify this period and recognize  Long eterm  we have the emancipation that it brought about social change of wwmen who were subservient before  Wr said that everyone thought that their and began to think differently now lifes were going to improve  Rural to urban transition  happened in  Modernist theoriest  largely in society the mid 1800 -> end 1800 the sttaus had been described (stay in the  Went from agricultural to a same class u are born into lower, upper, preindustrialisted to fully industrial (turn middle)  similarly u stay the same of century) religion of ur fam  Ex. Lil house on the prarie  live on farm  Industrial revolution was about achieved land, mother, father and kids  when status  they thought if they worked hard they go to the city there is a blacksmirth, ehty would move up the ladder furniture builder  shows industries  What was imp was the ability to work hard  As the twon grew to city, they migrate  This made public sector more imp than the from harder life of being a farmer to a job private sector in the saw mills  ‘just a housewife’  Men leave the land with fams and move to  Women believed that they could achieve cities and sell their labours as much as men and they could climb the  What they find when they get to cities is ladder of success with hard work that the fathers wage isn’t enuff and the  They tried very hard mother, and at times kids works  Paid work became more defined and  Public sector  public domain, sell ur private sector become less important work and men began to entertain this,  Women discovered that they toiled very production of crops for the market long hours beside men and got paid less purpose  Part of it came less from the fact that men  Pr
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